Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Angie...Mt Rainier...PART at Camp Muir

We dug out a platform from the ice and snow behind and below the Hut at Camp Muir. The Hut was full, so we had to tent it.
Heres our tent. We were actually near the trail to the summit, so at 1am, we heard all the guided groups taking off for their summit attempt. At 3am, we heard some of them coming back down after failing to summit. The rest came down around 10am.

Rick surprised me by taking my picture when I came out of one of the 4 solar toilets they have at Muir.
All cozy in my sub kilo 15 degree down sleeping bag. Notice...its purple! I'm such a fashion girl! LOL
We were basicly right below the hut. Here is someone standing up on the cliff the hut is on.
The birds at muir were so funny and friendly.
Like my head lamp?
Rick melting snow for our hot chocolate and dinner
Ah...mexican hot chocolate. Mmmmmm
Rick wasn't very happy when I woke up at 6am and he still wanted to sleep! Sorry honey.
This pic didn't turn out quite right, but my heal was actually quite purple!!! A little duct tape fixed that problem though.
Rick getting ready to get up and pack up camp.

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jenn said...

Birds and SUPER Angie hanging out on a sheet of ice- now that is just crazy!

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