Monday, August 17, 2009

Super with the kids--or myself

I read on my friend's blog about this run recipe for Raspberry jello pretzel salad and decided, since her daughter had enjoyed making it, my kids probably would too. I don't usually bake or cook with my kids, so I made sure everything was ready for this "special" occasion.

Dallin was GUNG-HO and really did a nice job measuring and mixing the first step. Brennan and Tan helped with some stirring and did a nice job licking the spoons mid way through. It was fun doing all this with my kids. Then suddenly, they noticed the neighbors were outside and playing, and before I could blink, they were outside, leaving me to finish making the salad and to do all the clean up.

So much for baking with my kids!

Well, despite the lack of support making it, it turned out FANTASTIC and was SUPER SUPER YUMMY! I recommend it to all. (I made it using mixed frozen berries and doing the half grahm cracker/pretzel like Wendi does)
--Super Angie


TriPeakPro said...

We fed half the neighbor kids and still got about a pint each. Totally cool and evil stuff.

Anderegg & Co. said...

That is yummy. I've never made it (because I'd eat it), but my sister-in-law does for family events....and I indulge!

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