Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Angie...playing with Pop

After we came home from Japan, my dad, who had been taking care of Tan the whole, stayed for a few days before returning home to Seattle. We had so much fun with "Pop".

He really did spoil everyone by taking a trip to Toys R Us and saying, "Pick anything you want". Ah, the kids had fun, returning home with a bouncy ball, shopping cart, artic set of toys and a pirate ship. He also bought them a set of Tinker Toys and WHAT A HIT they have been. The kids set off immediatly make creations and honestly haven't stopped.

Thanks POP for taking such good care of us! We love you and can't wait to see you again!

--Super Angie


Super Angie's MOM said...

happy and fun times.

TriPeakPro said...

they were so much fun together

Anderegg & Co. said...

Grandpa's are the best! What a fun treat for your whole family! I love it when we spend time with my Dad! They have a way of making everything extra special!

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