Friday, October 3, 2008

Super Angie...cookie monster

So, two nights ago I  had Rick put me through a hard core body builder's workout. I did around 50 squats with weights, and two days later, I am still feeling it! I also did pull ups and heaven knows what was HARD. Then yesterday, we took the kids rock climbing and I wanted one of those yummy cookies from the know the ones if you have ever visited the gym. But with my diet ( yes, I'm still going hard core and still loosing fat), I can't have a cookie. So Rick made me a deal--do three 5.10s without weighting the rope and I can have a cookie.

First one up: 5.10- blue on the arete near the cracks. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Then Rick sent an awesome green arete one...NICE WORK baby!

Second one: yellow 5.10 on rainbow wall. I had done this one a long time ago, and while climbing it way back when, a hold snapped in half. I had told staff about this broken hold, but they never replaced it. So, I'm climbing it awesome and suddenly, I come to the broken hold and with my height, there is no place to go. I'm determined though not to weight the rope, and eventually make it past the point only to end up super PUMPED three moves from the top. Dang it! I weight the rope. I finish the route and come down defeated. Rick gives me a cookie point for it though, since the route is missing a hold.

Then Rick tries a 5.9 with TINY holds...he gets half way up it and then wants to come down. His doctor had him do a test with his hands and it turns out they are totally messed up. He doesn't want to over crip on tiny holds, so he comes down. Good choice baby!

Third one: I tried a new green 5.10.  Same holds as my favorite 5.8  HOLY SNOT! This is NOT a 5.10. Maybe a 5.10d but I think its a 5.11.   Anyway, I end up finishing the route, but I did come off a lot and have to weight the rope. It took me around 10 minutes to finish it. Rick gave me a third cookie point because of how hard I tried on the route. Seriously, it is now my project. I want to red point it. Its an awesome route...lots of thinking involved. 

So, I got my cookie (pink autum leaf shape) and throughly enjoyed every second of eating it. YUMMMMMM.... Me like cookie!

--Super Hurtin' Angie
(this morning (three days after the squats), I am still aching. Went to bed at 9 last night. Ahhh... wasted!


Super Angie's MOM said...

Me Want Cookie Too.....
The Hot Tub in Colorado should feel good this weekend. Have a safe trip.

Super Angie said...

Oh man..I hadn't even thought of soaking in the hot tub...ah yeah! Thanks for the reminder! :)

TriPeakPro said...

Cookie Monster - made me think of the kids' favorite shake flavor. But they had peach last night. Posted on my blog about the kids' climbing.

RBS said...

Hello Angie,
Just dropping by to say hi! I have always appreciated how good you are to my girl, thank you for being you.

emily said...

cookies ... mmmm! congrats girl!

lvs2dance said...

me too, me too! I wish that I understood the climbing lingo...I felt like I was reading French! LOL
Well good job girl, you deserve that cookie! Hey we missed you last night at our girls night out! But it sounds like you needed some rest after that butt whooping you got...gotta love butt whoopins huh?

Anderegg & Co. said...


Tiff said...

Nice job Angie!!!! The cookie sounds like it was well deserved!!!

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